Development of Joint Oil Fields Accelerated

Development of joint fields has been accelerated. said Homayon Kazemeini. Operator of South Yaran Oil Field Development Project.
Kazemeini said this year. South Yaran joint field will reached production level this year with daily extraction of 10.000 barrels of oil.
He said development of oil fields west of Karoun. which is home to the biggest oil field of Iran. is given the priority by Iranian Ministry of Petroleum.
As joint fields west of Karoun. including South Azadegan. North Azadegan. Yadavaran. North Yaran and South Yaran. were given the priority in the list of fields to undergo development. their development was accelerated. Some of the fields have not yet reached the production stage.
Oil extraction from the joint fields is expected to begin by end of this year.
Kazemeini announced that now. drilling of 18 oil wells is complete and operations to install 15 supplementary wells is finalized. 
Yaran field is divided into North and South Yaran. having the capacity of two billion barrels of in-sita oil reserves. It is common with Iraqi Majnoon field. Development of the field was entrusted to the Petroleum Development and Engineering Company on approval of the board of directors of National Iranian Oil Company in July 2013.
The aim of development South Yaran field is production of 50.000 to 60.000 barrels of oil and 60 million cubic feet of gas a day.

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