No Single State can Decide on JCPOA

The nuclear deal is not an agreement between Iran and the United States only on which a single country can decide. said Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi.
Sarmadi said that the nuclear deal has been signed by Iran and six other countries as it has also been agreed upon by the whole European Union and the United Nations.
`So it`s of no use for certain US officials to repeat such a case. such a stance lacks any international backing.` Sarmadi said.
`I am certain that when these people come to power. they will have no other choice but to accept the realities and they will have to make every effort to implement the JCPOA in the best. most appropriate and swift manner.`
In the light of the JCPOA. Iran managed to have the sanctions lifted and all the sanctions imposed on the country in different areas are no longer in effect at present. the official said.
There are some banking restrictions still in force. he said. expressing hope that Iran will be gradually witnessing the lifting of the banking restrictions as well.

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