Proposal to Raise Polypropylene Output at Rejal Petrochem Company

Talks are underway with European firms including an unnamed German company to increase polypropylene production in Rejal Petrochemical Complex in Bandar-Mahshahr. Khuzestan Province. said Vice President of Iran`s Association of Petrochemical Industry Corporation Mohammad Ali Rejali.
He said some European firms have submitted development proposals to provide Iran technology to boost polypropylene production capacity. But no contracts have been signed.
Commenting on constraints to expanding production capacity of the key commodity. Rejali said. Not only are we deprived of the necessary technical knowhow. but also Rejal complex is not provided with propylene as feedstock to produce polypropylene.
The complex produces 160.000 tons of polypropylene per annum. Rejali said. noting that plans are in place to increase the capacity to 220.000 tons per year as soon as the obstacles are removed.
Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications including packaging and labeling. textiles. carpets. stationery. plastic parts and reusable containers of various types. laboratory equipment. loudspeakers. automotive components. and polymer banknotes. 
Polypropylene is the world`s second-most widely produced synthetic plastic. after polyethylene.
According to Rejali. in order to meet the complex`s demand for feedstock. Salman Farsi Petrochemical Complex is being constructed in Mahshahr Petrochemical Special Economic Zone in the south. The plant will produce 450.000 tons of propylene per year once operational. 
Salman Farsi complex is estimated to cost $310 million. part of which will be funded by the National Development Fund of Iran and the rest by Rejal. Maroun and Navid Zar Chimi petrochemical plants in Bandar-Mahshahr.

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