Missile Test Iran’s Absolute Right

The Islamic Republic needs no country’s permission for its defensive capabilities. said Spokesman of Iran`s Foreign Ministry Bahram Ghasemi.
He said that Iran has test-launched a mid-range missile asserted that “regardless of authenticity and nature of these reports. it is a principal policy for Iran to test ballistic missiles in full compliance with the country’s basic rights and international commitments.”
“Iran’s missile program is totally defensive in nature and none of ballistic missiles of Iran is designed to be capable of carrying nuclear warheads. thus out of domain of resolution 2231.” Foreign Ministry spokesperson said. “The Islamic Republic of Iran has all the rights and duties to protect its national security and interests and no foreign country or international organization can interfere into it.”
Ghasemi reaffirmed that Iran has never accepted limitations within resolution 2231 and has announced in a statement its stance towards it. he highlighted that even considering that resolution. testing ballistic missiles is not in contradiction with this resolution and comments made by some countries are due to political objectives.
He further pointed to history of Iran where it has never attacked any country while it has been victim and target of many raids from other states. it is noteworthy Iran has always relied on its indigenous power and has protected its territorial integrity and interests.
“In current situation. it seems that some people in the United States are trying to use propaganda to lessen the global criticism and pressure stirred by an unwise order in the US to ban people from certain countries or to hide Washington’s lack of commitment toward the JCPOA.” Ghasemi said and stressed that. “the resolution 2231. however. doesn’t allow them to justify their acts.”

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