South Pars Gas Output Exceeds 132 bcm

Natural gas production from South Pars Gas Field in the first eleven months of the 2016-17 fiscal reached more than 132 billion cubic meters. of which 111 bcm were injected into the national gas grid. said Managing Director of the South Pars Gas Complex Masoud Hassani.
 He added that gas condensates production in the period amounted to 177 million barrels.
 South Pars` sulfur output in the last 11 months was 472.000 tons. which is expected to rise in the near future. he said.
 Pointing to the production of 2.8 million tons of ethane as well as 2.4 million tons of liquefied petroleum gas. he predicted that the output will rise as more South Pars phases gradually become operational.
 SP is the world`s largest gas field. shared between Iran and Qatar. covering an area of 3.700 square kilometers of Iran`s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. It adjoins Qatar’s North Field. which measures 6.000 square kilometers.

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