Iran-Indonesia Mutual Cooperation on Nanotech Increased

Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) urged Indonesia to cooperate with Iran in order to improve public health. industry. and the environment.
Saeed Sarkar. Secretary General of INIC. in an interview with the Indonesian website Economy Okezone said. “INIC intends to introduce nanotechnology to many citizens of Indonesia as a Muslim country to balance Indonesian accomplishments with developed countries. such as the US and Germany.`
Commenting that nanotechnology can solve many problems such as treatment high expenses and environmental pollution. Sarkar said. “Iranian researchers have developed a kind of medicine that can target cancerous cells or the tumor directly in a way that its implications won’t be like chemotherapy.`
Saying that the anticancer drugs produced by Iran using nanotechnology are less expensive than cancer treatment in general. he added. “The Iranian drug that has already been exported to many countries can also be produced in Indonesia. Doing so. Indonesia can become the producer of this medicine in Easter Asia.”
The professor of University of Tehran said. “Nanotechnology has also been used to combat environmental pollution.”
The Secretary General of INIC. who has already met with some Indonesian ministers in Jakarta. said joint development of nanotechnology is not possible only by governmental cooperation. rather investors. entrepreneurs. and academics must partake in this process.
Not only can Indonesia be a big market for Iranian nanoproducts. but it can also be a good base for join investment. said Sarkar.

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