Non-Oil Goods Exports from Iran`s Sarakhs Economic Zone Exceed $60mln

Managing Director of Sarakhs Special Economic Zone Ahmad Sadeqi Golmakani announced that the value of non-oil goods exported from SSEZ exceeded $60 million in value in the last Iranian year (ended March 20. 2017).
A total of 30.000 tons of goods worth $60 million have been exported from this zone last year. Sadeqi Golmakani said.
The exported goods included light and heavy hydrocarbon. construction materials. cookies and chocolates. iron ore. adhesives and resins.
The target countries that imported Iranian goods included Central Asian countries like Tajikistan. Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan. Iraq and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Sadeqi Golmakani added that the export growth from SSEZ takes place within the framework of resistance economy policies and absorbing foreign investment. so that volume of exporting goods in the year of 1395 (Iranian calendar year) in comparison with year 1394 increased 100 percent by weight and value.
Because of its geographical position the SSEZ is a golden gate for export of goods to the Central Asian countries. China. Russia and a connection bridge between important markets of the Central Asia with the Persian Gulf countries. Europe. Afghanistan and Pakistan.
In relevant remarks in November 2014. former Head of Iran`s Trade Promotion Organization Valiollah Afkhamirad announced that Sarakhs Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is open to foreign investments.
Sarakhs Zone is ready to accept and cooperate with foreign investors who are willing to take part in the Zone`s trade. economic and industrial activities. Afkhamirad said at the time.
He pointed to the gas refinery and Sarakhs airport as advantages of the city. and said double efforts should be made for targeting and identifying competitive advantages for attracting foreign investors to the area.
Sarakhs special zone with an area of 5.290 hectares is located in northeast of Iran and connects ports in the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf to Central Asia. the Caucasus and Russia.
Sarakhs Special Economic Zone due to its geographical location which is in the heart of ECO members countries is the best golden gate for entry into Central Asia. China and Russia and a connection bridge to major trade markets of Central Asia for the Persian Gulf states in south of Iran. Europe in west of the country and Afghanistan and Pakistan on the eastern side.
Sarakhs started its activity as a special zone simultaneously with the operation of Mashhad-Sarakhs-Tajan railway in the presence of leaders and representatives from more than 100 world countries in 1996.
Sarakhs Special Economic Zone is situated 150 km East of Mashhad and 15 km from the city of Sarakhs and is neighboring Turkmenistan from North and East.

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