Datis Holding Begins Intl. Industrial Coop. On Clean Transportation

Datis Holding has planned to develop clean transportation. localize the production of eco-friendly vehicles and create sustainable employment with more than thousand jobs in the industry.
Milad Alinaghi. CEO of Datis Holding that is an Iranian investment and finance provider for local and international infrastructure projects. announced the company’s firm determination in the field of developing clean transportation and the possibility of attracting foreign capital to the country aimed at economic development and job creation for young generation.
He hoped Datis Holding could play a strong role in the development of business atmosphere in the industrial. agricultural and art areas.
Underlining that the company is the pioneer in providing standard after-sales services to the hybrid vehicles. Alinaghi said Datis Holding is ready to offer appropriate maintenance services in the current situation to a fleet of hybrid taxis in the capital. as well.
He stressed the company aims at reducing the amount of air contaminants that enter the capital daily. irrespective of financial interests.
He also announced the growing cooperation with major companies in Europe and Asia. saying the expansion of Datis activities in agricultural. industrial. medical and artistic areas is based on the company’s 10-year document.
According to him. the cooperation of 9 subsidiary companies of the Datis Holding with Japan. Vietnam. Taiwan. China. Turkey. Germany. Italy. UK. France and Spain will bring bright future in attracting foreign capital to the country and the transfer of new technologies inside the Islamic Republic.

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