No Fatalities Reported in Isfahan Refinery Fire

A fire that ravaged part of the Isfahan Oil Refinery on Monday was doused within an hour without major casualties. local authorities said.
A sulfur storage unit near the main processing facility of Isfahan crude oil refinery caught fire on Monday morning because of `an ignition that was sparked by friction between a loader and stored sulfur`. news agencies reported. adding that the ensuing heat contributed to the incident. Isfahan Province is 450 kilometers south of Tehran.
Some agencies said `up to 100 people` suffered from the conflagration. with some in critical condition. 
In a statement on Tuesday. the Ministry of Cooperatives` office in Isfahan said that all workers who were affected by the incident `were treated and resumed work`. state news agency IRNA reported.
The report described financial damages as `insignificant` without providing any estimate.
`Wind spread the fumes and caused eye and throat irritation for 10 workers who were within 80 meters of the fire.` said the report. It said nine people received medical treatment at the site of the incident and one person was hospitalized but released soon.
Mohammad Mokhtari. head of Isfahan refinery`s fire department. told the semi-official Mehr News Agency that eight people were affected by the smoke created by the blaze.
`All of them were reported in stable condition.` he was quoted as saying by Mehr later on Monday.
The media immediately drew parallels between the fire at the Isfahan refinery and a series of incidents across Iran`s petrochemical and petroleum industries over the past year. including a massive fire in Bouali Sina Petrochemical Complex in the southern oil-rich Khuzestan Province in July 2016 as well as a blaze in October that ripped through Piroozi Oil and Gas Refinery in Shahroud. 400 kilometers west of Tehran in Semnan Province. No fatalities were reported.

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