ExxonMobil. GE Collaborate on Global Lubricants for Jenbacher Gas Engines

Exxon Mobil is now a preferred global lubricants supplier for GE’s Jenbacher Type 2. 3 and 9 gas engines. As part of this new global collaboration. ExxonMobil will help owner-operators of Jenbacher gas engines enhance equipment performance through the use of its Mobil Pegasus™ family of premium gas engine oils. 
ExxonMobil and GE will also continue to build on more than two decades of collaboration by co-engineering high performance gas engine oil technologies that meet the evolving needs of GE gas engine platforms.
“We’ve built a strong working relationship with GE and many end users over the past two decades. but this new collaboration validates the leadership of our Mobil Pegasus family of lubricants and underscores the many benefits they can help deliver to end users.” said Tim Hinchman. Strategic Global Alliance director at ExxonMobil. “Through this collaboration. we also look forward to working with GE to engineer new lubricant technologies for Jenbacher gas engines that will help their customers further protect their businesses in the years to come.”
GE’s Jenbacher gas engines are commonly used in cogeneration combined heat and power applications. 

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