Pakistan Works to Achieve Energy Self-Sufficiency

Over the past four years. Pakistan recorded a 79-percent increase in oil and gas exploration activities as part of an official strategy to achieve energy self-sufficiency. government sources revealed today.


During that period. 179 exploratory wells and 194 evaluation wells were dug in several areas with the potential to extract fuel. an official told APP.

He said that the sector companies made 98 discoveries of oil and gas. which represents a 40-percent success rate.

In those four years. gas production increased by 944 million cubic feet and oil by just over 32.000 barrels per day. he stressed.

A month ago. Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi announced five new oil and gas discoveries in Sindh province.

Along with the increase in hydrocarbon extraction. Nawaz Sharif`s government is working to raise energy production by building plants to mitigate the sector`s severe deficit. which causes long blackouts in many areas.

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