Russia May Have Own Technology of Underwater Oil Production by 2021-2022

Russia may obtain its own technology for underwater production of hydrocarbons by 2021-2022. Russian Deputy Energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov said Friday.
`A mechanism for the selection of research and development (R&amp.D) is envisaged to work on domestic offshore equipment samples. In 2017-2019. 2.7 billion rubles ($45.6 million) were allocated for the implementation of eight R&amp.D projects. including those aimed at developing the technological potential of the domestic scientific and technical industry in the field of application of underwater [hydrocarbons] production systems. Thus. by 2021-2022. we can present a prototype of our own technologies for underwater production.` Molodtsov said in an interview with Sputnik.
The deputy minister. who is in charge for oil and gas production and transportation. noted that Russian oil and gas producers are gradually reshifting to place orders for domestic machine-building capacities.
`About 20 priority tasks for the nearest future have been identified for offshore production. at present domestic samples of stop valves intended for oil and gas transportation are being actively introduced. equipment for drilling directional wells has been developed.` Molodtsov said.
Molodtsov added that about 300 of the 600 elements that are somehow involved in shelf production from the bottom to the shore. need localization. 50 of them are particularly critical. He noted that it was planned to provide oil production by Russian rotor-controlled systems by 2019 on the basis of already created prototypes.
Localization of oilfield equipment production became an important issue for Russian oil producers after the introduction of Western sanctions that are aimed at depriving some Russian companies of the latest oil extraction technology.

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