CNNC Builds World`s First HTGR Fuel Elements Production Line

The world’s first high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) fuel elements production line was established by CNNC as 200.000 spherical fuel components successfully rolled off the assembly line on July 17.
CNNC Chairman Wang Shoujun emphasized that the production line was a milestone for China’s major science and technology projects. including the advanced pressurized water reactor and HTGR demonstrative engineering.
It marked China’s HTGR components has been transformed from the experimental line to industrialized production. The incident showcased China’s world-leading HTGR manufacturing standards and technology. which will promote the commercialization and export of HTGR nuclear power technology in the future.
HTGR features with inherent safety. multi-purpose. and modular construction. which is particularly suitable for Belt and Road countries with small and medium-sized power grids.
China has already signed memorandums of understanding (MoU) on HTGR project cooperation with countries and regions including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
China North Nuclear Fuel Company. a subsidiary of CNNC. began to bring HTGR nuclear fuel elements production line into operation during August 2016. with completely independent intellectual property rights.
CNNC. as China’s only company supplying nuclear fuel. is capable of providing nuclear fuel for all types of nuclear power plants in China.
The existing abilities and future potential. in sectors of uranium conversion. uranium enrichment and component manufacturing. can help guarantee China’s nuclear power development and boost the “going out“ strategy.

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