Iran Rises Gasoline Production in New Refinery

A new gas condensate refinery inaugurated in south of Iran in April is currently producing 7 million liters of gasoline a day. an energy official said. adding that the daily output is expected to rise to 11 million liters in less than two months.
In an interview with Tasnim. Abbas Kazemi. the managing director of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC). said the ‘Persian Gulf Star’ gas condensate refinery has produced more 300 million liters of gasoline in its first phase since coming on stream in April.
He said the refinery’s first phase will be fully operational by March 2018. while the second phase is expected to be completed in early 2019.
Once the second phase of the Persian Gulf Star refinery comes on stream. the daily output of gasoline will hit 24 million liters. Kazemi added.
The large refinery. located in Iran’s southern province of Hormozgan. was inaugurated on April 30. in a ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani.
The complex. constructed by an entity affiliated with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). has not only met the country’s domestic demands for gasoline. but also would allow for the export of petroleum.
Known as the world’s largest refinery in terms of area. the Persian Gulf Star is divided into three phases. built near the old refinery of Bandar Abbas.

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