Statoil Receives Consent for Exploration Drilling at Gina Krog

Statoil has received consent to drill an exploration well at Gina Krog field in the North Sea. Gina Krog is an oil and gas field located 250 km west of Stavanger and 30 km north-west of the Sleipner A facility in the North Sea. The field came on stream in 2017.
Exploration well 15 6-14 S. which Statoil has now received consent to drill. is to be drilled as a sidetrack from existing well 15 6-B-2. The drilling location`s geographical coordinates are: 58° 34` 19.35` N 01° 41` 48.80`. Water depth at the site is 116 m.
Drilling is estimated to last 17 days in the event of a dry well and 25 days in the event of a discovery. and will start in September. The well is to be drilled by the Maersk Integrator mobile drilling facility. Maersk Integrator is a jack-up drilling facility. delivered by the Keppel Shipyard in Singapore in 2014. The facility will be operated by Maersk Drilling Norge AS.

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