Siemens Gets Expanded Service Agreement for 930MW Iraqi Gas-Fired Plant

KAR Group has expanded an existing service agreement with Siemens to cover its newly built SSC5-2000E power plant units at the 930MW Khormala gas-fired plant in Iraq.
As per the terms. the German technology giant will provide comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&amp.M) for the new units of the Kurdistan-located natural gas-fired power plant.
According to Siemens. the Khormala power plant covers around 30% of the electricity demand targeted by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). It currently meets the power consumption needs of over four million Iraqis.
Through the extension of the service agreement. the Khormala power plant’s operational flexibility. availability. and the gas turbines’ performance will be improved in the next 15 years.
Siemens under the Khormala multi-year agreement with KAR Group is responsible for the operation and maintenance of six gas turbines of the SGT5-2000E line. six generators of the SGen5-100A line and the associated auxiliary and ancillary systems.
The German firm will also deploy Siemens Power Diagnostics to boost the asset visibility. reliability and availability of the Khormala power plant.
Siemens power generation services Middle East senior executive vice president Gianluigi Di Giovanni said: “Our global resources and fleet expertise enable us to provide complete plant services and management.
“The plant is truly a landmark project. supporting the development goals of the Kurdistan region. That`s why we are proud to expand our collaboration with KAR Group to deliver reliable and stable electricity supply to people`s homes.`
The German firm has been handling the operation and maintenance of the Khormala power plant since 2013 under a multi-year services contract.

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