Fast. Effective Operations Without Cementing or Mechanical Isolation

The GelBlock™ temporary annular isolation system provides short-term isolation similar to cement without permanently blocking production from existing hydrocarbon flow paths. It is ideal for isolating productive zones during a recompletion or refracturing operation.
The water-based GelBlock system uses guar borate chemistry and can be applied at temperatures ranging from 125° to 250°F (52° to 121°C.) Each GelBlock slurry is customized based on anticipated pump times and the well’s bottomhole temperature.
Once the slurry has been pumped. time and temperature cause it to harden and block the predetermined zones.In refracturing applications. a liner is run in the existing casing and the GelBlock system is pumped down to “cement“ the liner in place and isolate any existing perforations temporarily. Once the gel hardens. existing perforations and fractures are isolated so that the new zones can be perforated and fractured.
After fracturing operations are complete. the gel breaks down and the liner can be removed. When you need to remove the liner more quickly. a breaker or acid can be pumped to dissolve the gel more rapidly. Once the liner is removed. production will be able to flow from both the older fractures and the newly stimulated zones.

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