Russia May Re-Route Nord Stream 2

Russia could change the route of the planned Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. which will bypass Poland. Ukraine. Belarus. and the Baltic states and has been vocally opposed by Warsaw. according to the IAR news agency.
The pipeline was to connect Russia and Germany via the Baltic sea by running parallel to the existing Nord Stream pipeline.
But Denmark said it would not allow the pipeline to be built near its territorial waters. the IAR news agency reported.
Nord Stream 2’s chief technical officer Sergey Serdyukov said Moscow is prepared to alter the pipeline’s route to avoid Danish territory and “moving a few kilometres … will not make a difference.“ according to IAR.
Poland. which gets most of its gas from Russia. has said the planned pipeline threatens supply to Central and Eastern Europe.
Meanwhile. Warsaw has been vying to diversify gas supplies. It has been importing from Qatar. received a one-off shipment from the US and backed the Baltic Pipe project which would supply Poland with gas from deposits in the North Sea.

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