Iran Signs 3 MoUs on Water Management. Supply with Danish Companies

Iranian and Danish companies inked 3 Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) on Monday. in the presence of Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Alireza Daemi and Danish Ambassador Danny Annan. at the venue of Ministry of Energy.
The agreements covered water issues. including management and supply.During a joint meeting with Danish ambassador and some of the active companies of the country in the field of water management. waste water management and water supply. Daemi said the history of Iran-Denmark ties in the field of water and sanitation issues goes back to the far past.
Previously. he noted. we have been cooperating with Danish companies in the field of construction of wastewater treatment plants and also in scientific and research areas.
`Over the past one and a half years. there have also been held very good meetings with Danish sides to deepen the bilateral relations. and. thankfully. this has led to the presence of Danish investment companies in the field of water and sanitation inside Iran.` Daemi asserted.
Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Alireza Daemi emphasized that `in addition to finding business partners in Iran. we expect the Danish companies to facilitate the process of banking transactions and project financing.`He also added `we hope Danish companies would consider the use of Iran`s domestic capacities in the implementation and investment of their projects in the Islamic Republic.`
At the end of the meeting. 3 MoUs were signed between Iran Ensheab Co.. Tara Engineering Co.. and Energy Development Co. with their Danish counterparts. including Kamstrup. on the construction of sewage cleaners and sewage treatment plants and the construction of smart water meters.

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