Hydropower Output Increases

Despite facing low levels of rainfall and hot temperatures. Iran has managed to extract 10% more electrical power from its hydroelectric dams since March 2017. the beginning of its fiscal year. compared to the same spell of last year.
`Since the start of the year. hydroelectric dams have produced over 12 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. That is 10% higher from the same period of a year ago.` said Farbod Estiri. a deputy at Iran Water Resources Management Company. the Energy Ministry`s news portal reported on Friday.
The increase was chiefly driven by domestic demand for electricity to power air conditioners. The country`s power demand shot up to a record level of 55.400 megawatts in July.
According to Estiri. the lion`s share of Iran`s hydroelectric capacity of 11.875 MW is installed on Karun River that runs through the southwest of Iran.
`Unfortunately. precipitation has been insignificant in and around Karun and Karkheh rivers (in Khuzestan Province).` the official said. adding that most of the hydropower capacity is being overhauled after sustaining high electrical loads for two consecutive years.
With an installed capacity of 77.000 MW. Iran`s energy mix is dominated by fossil fuel power stations. by 12.000 MW of hydroelectric. 1.000 MW of nuclear and less than 500 MW of renewable power capacity.
Iran`s push to raise power production capacity calls for upgrading aging power plants with highly efficient turbines and developing a mix of new thermal and renewable power projects.
The country hopes to add 5.000 MW of new capacity per year through 2022. the end of its Sixth Five-Year Economic Development Plan.

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