One of Europe’s Largest Wind Energy Projects Gets Green Light

Aquila Capital has announced its acquisition of Project Valhalla. potentially one of the biggest wind farms in Europe.
Consisting of 85 the latest Vesta turbines. and with an installed capacity of 357MW. the wind farm will have an output capacity of 1.1TW when complete.
The project is based within two separate sites across Sweden within the Tönsen and Åmot-Lingbo in the Bollnäs and Ockelbo municipalities.
Due to begin work immediately. when finished the project will produce enough energy to power approximately 223.800 Swedish homes.
 Susanne Wermter. head of Investment Management Energy &amp. Infrastructure EMEA. Aquila Capital. said: “Wind projects in the Nordics are one of the pillars of Aquila Group’s real asset strategy. which underlines why this project is so special to us.
“It is a landmark achievement to have successfully closed one of the biggest wind projects in Europe and secure stable income for our investors through a long-term above average PPA.“
Roman Rosslenbroich. CEO and Co-Founder of Aquila Capital said: “Wind energy investments in the Nordics region are getting more and more attractive investments and this project is especially remarkable due to the technical dimension and its performance features.
“Our proposition in the region is enhanced even further by the broad network of partnerships we have built with leading market participants such as OX2 and Vestas. We are very happy about this cooperation.“

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