China will Investigate Sanchi Sinking

China will investigate the Sanchi sinking accident and continue cleaning operations in the East China Sea area where the Iranian oil tanker sunk and try its best to reduce pollution caused by the oil spill. an official in charge of the mission said. 

Zhi Guanglu. deputy head of the country`s maritime rescue center. told a press conference in Beijing on Friday that China will investigate the accident according to international conventions and China`s law. China News Service reported.

`The Chinese government will continue to give priority to follow-up work. The State Council held a special meeting to study the accident and formed a trans-department team to look into it.` Zhi said.

Law-enforcement vessels. specialized rescue vessels and other civilian ships passing the area have been conducting search and rescue operations. and ships including the Haixun-169 and Donglei-6 are trying their best to limit pollution to the waters. Zhi said.

Zhi said experts have recommended that the Sanchi be salvaged to limit the damage. But international law and conventions say the ship owner should be consulted. 

The salvage mission is also extremely dangerous and difficult. Zhi explained. `For instance. the residual condensate oil in the tanker could burn and set off another explosion again. The tanker has sunk 115 meters. so the salvage mission would be very difficult.`

China will invite others to jointly conduct an investigation and analyze data from the data recorder. and China will strengthen communication and coordination with the International Maritime Organization to make sure that the investigation is objective and fair. Zhi added. 

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