Iran Takes Advantage of 400 mw Wind. Solar Electricity Generation

Deputy Minister of Energy for electricity and energy affairs Homayoun Haeri said on Tuesday that currently the total capacity of wind and solar power plants in the country is 400 megawatts. which is slated to be increased next year to 1.000 megawatts.

He said by launching new solar and wind power plants and attracting private sector investment. the capacity is to increase to 1.000 megawatts next year.

Haeri said that Iran should use less fossil fuel year by year and instead should generate more renewable energies like solar and wind energy in the country.

The deputy minister said that the country`s electricity capacity is 80.000 megawatts. which could be around 20.000 megawatts generated through wind and solar energies next year.

The issue of technology is so important in renewable energies and now by manufacturing wind turbines of 2.5 megawatts by MAPNA Company. the energy ministry enjoys appropriate capacities.

Haeri also pointed to the indigenized technology of generating energy from wind and sun. saying that this industry has been indigenized here.

He said cheap price of gas and plenty of gas resources in Iran have caused that power plant to become used to gas as their fuels.

The senior official said that private sector has welcomed to become active in the field of renewable energies and suitable permissions have been issued in this concern.

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