Iran Petrochem Output Hits 55m Tons

Iran`s 57 petrochemical complexes produced nearly 55 million tons of goods in 2017. of which 17.5 million tons. worth $9.2 million. were sold to domestic companies.

According to NIPNA. the National Petrochemical Company`s news agency. some 21 petrochemical complexes. located in the city of Mahshahr in the southern Khuzestan Province. had a combined output of more than 19.6 million tons although it was expected to reach 21 million tons. 

The nominal production capacity of petrochemical plants in Mahshahr amounts to 25.6 million tons.

NIPNA noted that production from 16 complexes in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone in Asalouyeh in Bushehr Province hit 22.8 million tons in the period. Most Iranian petrochemical infrastructures are in southern regions close to the Persian Gulf where water supply is less of a concern and proximity to international waters makes transport and shipment more cost-effective.

Other petrochemical plants produced a total of 11.1 million tons in the period. NIPNA noted. Reportedly. the country`s petrochemical complexes produced nearly 4.5 million tons of goods between Feb. 20 and March 20.


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