Russia`s Increased Oil Output Violates Agreement with OPEC

Iran`s OPEC governor. Hossein Kazempour Ardebili. said on Monday that the rise in Russia`s oil output runs contrary to global agreement for reduction of oil production and will endanger the long-term unity among oil producers.

Criticizing Saudi Arabia and Russia for the oversupply. the official said the countries violated the global agreement on trimming the production. thus serving the US Iran sanction policy.

Russia. Saudi Arabia and others are raising their oil output by one million bpd to adversely affect Iran`s oil exports. Kazempour Ardebili said. adding that they are stretching their hand of support toward Donald Trump which is regarded as a hostile approach towards Iran.

He noted that his criticisms of Russia only fall within the OPEC context. having nothing to do with the ongoing broad relations between Iran and Russia.

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