Iran is Waiting for EU Practical Steps

Iran parliament speaker on Sunday said that the country is waiting for EU`s practical steps for implementation of the nuclear deal.

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani referred to Iran`s talks with the European countries after the US pullout from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). and said that Iran has set a deadline for Europe to see how they will fulfill their promises in various banking. oil and industry fields.

He referred to the rising chaos across the world after the coming to power of US President Donald Trump. and noted that it has caused problem for whole world and not just for Iran.

US President Donald Trump has mounted pressure on Iran and on May 8 announced that Washington would withdraw from Iran`s nuclear deal and re-impose nuclear-related sanctions on the country.

This is while most world powers. including Russia. China. and the European Union. have repeatedly stressed that keeping the deal is in the interest of the world peace and security.

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