Overview of power inverter topologies and control structures for grid connected photovoltaic systems

This paper has presented different topologies of power inverter for grid connected photovoltaic systems. Centralized inverters interface a large number of PV modules to the grid. This included many shortcomings due to the emergence of string inverters. where each single string of PV modules is connected to the DC–AC inverter. The multi-string inverter is the development of the string inverter. where several strings are interfaced with their individual DC–DC converter (separate) MPPT tracking systems) to a common DC–AC inverter. Another trend seen is the development of the ac module. where each PV module is interfaced to the grid with its own DC–AC inverter. The efficiency characteristic of parallel inverters with a common DC bus is deliberated along with the optimal operation strategy. Inverter system performance ratio (ISPR) is proposed as an overall index of lifetime energy conversion efficiency. It shows that the configuration with a common DC bus is a potential solution to reduce the energy cost of PV power generation systems.

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