Power Losses in Long String and Parallel-Connected Short Strings of Series-Connected Silicon-Based Photovoltaic Modules Due to Partial Shading Conditions

The effects of partial shading on Long string. Parallel strings. and Multi-string PV power generators have been investigated by using an experimentally verified simulation model based on the well-known one-diode model of a PV cell. Partial shading was varied with respect to system shading and shading strength. which represent the amount of shaded PV modules of the generator. and the attenuation of the irradiance due to the shading. respectively. The effects of partial shading was studied on the power of the global MPP of the generators. on the mismatch losses caused by operating at the global MPP. which differs from the sum of the maximum powers of individual blocks of PV cells with antiparallel-connected bypass diode. and on operating at a local MPP instead of the global one in case of multiple MPPs.

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