Battery Energy Storage Station (BESS)-Based Smoothing Control of Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind Power Generation Fluctuations

The battery energy storage station (BESS) is the current and typical means of smoothing wind- or solar-power generation fluctuations. Such BESS-based hybrid power systems require a suitable control strategy that can effectively regulate power output levels and battery state of charge (SOC). This paper presents the results of a wind photovoltaic (PV) BESS hybrid power system simulation analysis undertaken to improve the smoothing performance of wind PV BESS hybrid power generation and the effectiveness of battery SOC control. A smoothing control method for reducing wind PV hybrid output power fluctuations and regulating battery SOC under the typical conditions is proposed. A novel real-time BESS-based power allocation method also is proposed. The effectiveness of these methods was verified using MATLAB SIMULINK software.

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