Scottish tidal firm to sit down with G7 ministers

Nova Innovation. which recently received EU backing for its tidal turbine. will meet G7 energy ministers during a roundtable discussion on the best methods to capture energy from tides.

The meeting involves the G7 countries’ Environment and Energy Ministers in Nova Scotia. Canada. on the theme of ‘working together on climate change. oceans and clean energy’.

Simon Forrest. chief executive at Nova Innovation. said: “Tidal energy is an abundant global resource which is clean and – unlike other renewables – completely predictable.

“Our projects are demonstrating that it is becoming economically viable to generate electricity from the tides. By providing a supportive policy environment for tidal deployments. the G7 countries can accelerate the transition to clean energy.

“We are pleased to participate in the G7 Ministerial meeting and we look forward to discussing the opportunities for tidal energy development.“

Earlier this month. Nova Innovation was given the go-ahead by the European Commission for the next stage of its tidal energy project.

The £18 million Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal (EnFAIT) project aims to prove that the reliability and availability of tidal energy arrays can be significantly increased and that the cost of tidal energy can be reduced by at least 40%.

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