Life Cycle Assessment of a multi-use offshore platform: Combining wind and wave energy production

Life cycle assessment of an innovative multi-use offshore platform design. which unites wind and wave energy production in one platform. was executed in this study. By all means. the main contributor to all of the impact categories was manufacturing processes of MUP design. Due to having a design which requires a wide range of resources and production technologies. it was a foreseeable result of this study. When MTI phase was analysed in its components. it was found out that the fixed parts of wind turbine. moving parts of the wind turbine and mooring system were responsible for most of the environmental burdens. respectively. due to high amounts of material usage. Wave energy converters embedded to the platform are minor contributors to the total environmental impacts. Effect of O&amp.M and transport activities were very low despite having a design far from the coast and at deep water.

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