Iran Non-Oil Exports to Hit $60bln by March 2019

Managing Director of Exports Guarantee Fund of Iran Kamal Seyed Ali announced that Iran`s non-oil exports will increase by the end of the current Iranian calendar year of 1397 (on March 20. 2019).

The official recounted that the Iranian outward trade in non-oil sector will witness a 1.5 times boost by the end of the current Iranian solar calendar year from $45 billion to $60 billion.

`We cannot solely count on Iran`s oil. while it is possible to manage the country without oil revenues with proper and efficient management of non-oil exports.` Kamal Seyyed Ali said Sunday addressing the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran workshop.

The official added that of the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran charges the Iranian exporters with a commission fee of less than 1%. while the entity has already made significant efforts in the field of export guarantees. including identification of purchasers.

`We can also guarantee exporters for buying from factories to make them feel comfortable to prepare the requirements.` reassured Seyed Ali.

The world`s largest insurers have taken over the risk of Iran`s export guarantee fund. Seyed Ali said. adding that the economic activists should try to use all of the capabilities of the fund.

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