Nord Stream 2 Shows Lacks of EU Solidarity

The construction of a new Russia-Germany gas pipeline despite a lack of approval from all European Union members shows a lack of solidarity within the bloc. Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Friday.

At a press conference culminating a two-day meeting of the presidents of the V4 states — Poland. Hungary. the Czech Republic and the host of the summit. Slovakia — Duda said the needs and concerns of countries in the European community needed to be taken into account.

He said that the V4 criticized the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. which will send Russian gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea. bypassing the Baltic states. Poland and Ukraine. because those countries `understand that this project is not of a business nature. but of a political nature. which in reality is damaging to the European Union.`

Duda added that the pipeline would threaten the energy security of Central and Eastern Europe and would result in one supplier dominating the European Union market.

`We think that. from the point of view of the interests of the entire European Union. this is detrimental. and we say so strongly. But as it turns out. ours is a voice calling out in the woods and the project is going ahead against the interests of some European Union countries.` Duda said.

`Is this really acting as a community? Well. I think that anyone who looks at it will say that no. that is not how a community works.` Duda added.

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