Simulation study on the degradation process of photovoltaic modules

Photovoltaic (PV) module is considered as the most reliable component in a PV system. and its life time is expected to be more than 20 years. Degradation. however. decreases the PV power delivery capacity over time. A thorough understanding of PV module degradation is required to make better use of PV module during its life time. Studies on PV degradation often investigate the degradation modes. mechanisms. and degradation rates. The reported degradation modes include cell cracks. hot spots. glass soiling. ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) browning. delamination. coating oxidation. etc.. for crystalline silicon PV modules operated over 20 years in Italy. These degradation models were also observed in PV modules of other technologies and exposed to various climates. In. Malvoni et al. studied the long-term performance loss of a 960 kWp PV system in the Mediterranean climate and concluded that the PV system demonstrated good performance compared to other plants located in the same climate. Kichou et al. investigated the degradation modes and degradation rates of thin-film PV modules exposed to relatively dry and sunny climate in Spain.

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