EU to Find Ways to Buy Iranian Crude

The EU is in talks with Iran to find the best way to channel oil revenues to Iran. an MP said on Saturday.

Member of the Iranian Parliament`s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Morteza Saffari Natanzi said that Iran and the EU are still negotiating the future of the 2015 accord between Iran and the six world powers.

According to the lawmaker the reason that the talks have procrastinated so far is that the European countries are trying to make the conditions ready for export of Iranian oil to Europe.

He quoted European officials as saying in the meeting with the Iranian side that they are seeking ways to maintain banking transactions between Iran and the EU.

Safari deemed the trend of talks with the EU ‘satisfactory’. saying “we must seek diplomatic ways to isolate the US and put up a serious front against the country’s efforts to sanction Iran.“

US President Donald Trump has pledged to bring Iran`s oil imports down to zero. Early in this month. he vowed the US `will take care` of countries which defy the directive.

`We will take care of them.` Trump told reporters when asked about the decision of some countries like India and China to continue to purchase oil from Iran. 

Indian Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on October 1 that two Indian state refiners have placed orders for importing crude oil from Iran in November. 



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