Iran Self-Sufficient in Repairing Oil Transmission Equipment

The commodity manager of Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company said Sat. that Pipeline and Telecommunication Co. (IOPTC)`&gt.IOPTC is fully self-sufficient in repairing and maintaining parts and equipment for transferring oil and its byproducts.

Presently. all parts and equipment of this company are fully repaired inside the country. Abolghassem Zamani said. adding that there is no need for sending any equipment outside the country to get repaired. 

Gas-powered turbines and pumps are the most important and most complicated equipment in oil transmission. which are now repaired inside the country. Zamani added.

Except for the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC). Pipeline and Telecommunication Co. (IOPTC)`&gt.IOPTC has the most variety in manufacturing various types of turbines in the country as compared with other subsidiary companies of the Ministry of Petroleum. he said. putting the total number of turbines currently covered by the Pipeline and Telecommunication Co. (IOPTC)`&gt.IOPTC at 14.

He noted that the company upgrades telecommunications equipment installed even in the remotest regions. adding. “in general. there are about three to four companies in the world which manufacture telecommunication equipment and update their manufactured equipment on a regular basis.“


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