A New Magnetic-Field-Modulated Brushless Double-Rotor Machine

A new MFM-BDRM is proposed. solving the contradictory problem of the electromagnetic performance and the mechanical strength of MFM rotor in the traditional MFMBDRM. The proposed one has advantages of highly sinusoidal back EMF and low torque ripple. The maximum torque can be obtained when the optimal span ratio is 0.3 for any given thickness of magnetic units. Meanwhile. the maximum torque has a slight increase when the PM pole-arc coefficient is more than 0.9. The distribution law of iron loss in the MFMBDRM shows that the PM loss is ∼۶۰% of the total iron loss. The PM-split method along the circumferential direction is employed to reduce the PM loss. which makes the PM loss reduced by ∼۶۰%.

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