Iran Rises South Pars Gas Production by 56 mcm d

Iran’s South Pars Gas Field located in the Persian Gulf is slated to rise by 56 million cubic meters per day by the end of the current Iranian year (will end on March 22. 2019). a senior oil official announced.

`South Pars gas output will reach 630 million cubic meters per day.` Managing Director of South Par Oil and Gas Company Mohammad Meshkinfam said.

He noted that it would be a new record in Iran’s gas production from the offshore gas field which Iran shares with Qatar.

`As winter approaches and given the necessity to provide sustainable and continuous gas to the country. the development of the field’s new phases has been accelerated.` Meshkinfam added.

He reiterated that two offshore platforms belonging to Phase 14 of the field would become operational. each adding 28 mcm d to the field’s sour gas production capacity.

Currently. Iran is producing a total of 580 mcm d of sour gas from different phases of the field.

Earlier this month. Iran launched the third gas sweetening train of the onshore refinery of South Pars phases 22-24.

Farhad Izadjou. operator of Phase 22-24 project. said that the gas sweetening train was operating at 8 mcm d of sweet gas production capacity supplied from phases 6. 7. and 8 of the supergiant offshore field.

He said once fully operational. the train will be able to process 500 mcf d of gas (equal to 14.2 mcm) to be injected to the national gas distribution network.

The refinery can process 1.5 mcf d of sour gas when operating at full tilt.

Phase 22-24 project is aimed at production of 56 mcm d of natural gas. 50 mcm d of methane. 2.900 tons day of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). 2.750 tons d of ethane. 75.000 barrels day of gas condensates. and 400 tons day of sulfur.

The project is being developed by a consortium of Iran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA) and Petrosina Company.




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