Optimal Size of Battery Energy Storage and Monotonic Charging Discharging Strategies for Wind Farms

Optimal capacity of a large-scale BESS integrated with a grid-connected wind farm has been determined. It has been shown that the optimal size of all the batteries of the BESS decreases as the number of batteries increases. Furthermore. the optimal size of all the batteries of the BESS tends to some positive limit as the number of batteries approaches to infinity. We have proposed a constraint-based monotonic charge discharge strategy of individual batteries of BESS with optimal capacity each. The two-fold benefits of the strategy lie in determining the overall optimal size of the BESS along with a strategy for charging and discharging of each individual battery of the BESS satisfying the given operating constraints. Simulation results prove the effectiveness of the proposed strategy. It has also been observed that the proposed strategy is robust against the variations in the system parameters.

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