NIOC rejects Chilean prosecutor`s false claim on Iran’s oil

The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) denied the false claim stated by Chilean Public Prosecutor on `the cause of a pollution in the country and how it links to Iran`s oil exports`. which has been published by Reuters.


Iranian crude oil is exported to various Asian. European. and South American customers and the country`s history in oil exports is quite clear and undeniable. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) entails its inspectors annually to observe the entire process of examination. loading. and exporting Iranian oil. to consider all matters carefully and to issue the licenses required for exporting oil.


Iran`s export terminals possess the most-updated laboratories. quality control and measurement devices. therefore. the exporting oil is under constant surveillance during certain hours of day.


The oil loading process is fully monitored with the presence of both the seller and the purchaser. Both parties` representatives observe the process thoroughly with attendance of an oil tanker expert so that the quality and amount of oil which has been agreed upon beforehand. is loaded properly and in case of any discrepancies. the loading process will be aborted.


The Chilean refiner ENAP has also rejected this claim in an official statement and has referred to the abovementioned items. There have not been any serious allegations against Iran yet and the remote possibilities are simply under investigation.


Earlier. in August 2018. ENAP refinery had been found guilty and sentenced to a suspension of operations of any kind by the Public Prosecutor since there were reported gas leak incident while discharging a cargo.


Since the return of the US engineered sanctions on Iran. Reuters has been witnessed to make certain attempts to create tensions in the oil market against Iran on purpose. through publishing provocative news reports. In its latest move. it published a news report in which it claimed the Russian oil company `Rosneft` has cancelled its contracts with Iran. while according to NIOC`s statement. there have not been any signed contract already between the two countries. Of course. Reuters` focus has not simply limited on Iranian oil. but it has concerned other economic and industrial infrastructures of the country.

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