A Coordinated Design of PSSs and UPFC-based Stabilizer Using Genetic Algorithm

Using a criterion based on the damping ratio. an optimization algorithm was successfully applied to establish the optimal coordination between PSSs and UPFC-based stabilizer using Genetic Algorithm (GA). A multi-objective function was utilized to formulate the problem. whose solution aims to maximize the damping ratios of the electromechanical modes using different combinations of PSSs with UPFC. The proposed optimization technique was applied to tune the parameters of the UPFC damping controller and the PSSs. determine the optimal location of the UPFC. find out the optimal locations of PSSs. and minimize the number of required PSSs under different operating conditions. The approach was tested on the 16-machine in 68- bus New England-New York interconnected system. and its effectiveness was established during the Eigenvalue analysis and nonlinear simulation results. In addition. the results demonstrated that the minimum damping ratio can be increased. and the number of PSSs can be reduced by adding UPFC-based stabilizer to the system.

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