No Country Allowed to Export Oil if Iran`s Oil Exports from Strait of Hormoz Halted

Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Mohammad Hossein Bagheri said on Sun. that if Iranian oil is not exported via Strait of Hormuz. other countries are not allowed to export oil through this strategic route.

He made the remarks this morning on the sidelines of a conference held in the presence of commanders of Law Enforcement Forces.

Once Iranian oil is not exported from the Strait of Hormuz. there will be no security for others and no other oil will be exported from this strategic area. Bagheri emphasized.

Armed forces of the country are responsible for maintaining security of Strait of Hormuz. he said and reiterated. “once Iranian oil is not exported via Strait of Hormuz. no other countries are allowed to export their oil through this strait.“

Elsewhere in his remarks. he pointed to the US reimposition of sanctions on Iran and said. “since enemy is disappointed from military aggression. it has resorted to imposing economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.“

Conspiracies and plots waged by enemies against the country will have not any impact on the strength and power of noble nation of Islamic Iran. he said. adding. “however. these plots waged against the country lead to more unity and amity among government organizations in the country.“

Leader of the Islamic Revolution hailed salient measures taken by the Law Enforcement Forces of the country in the last Iranian calendar year (ended March 20. 2019) and early days of the current year (started March 21. 2019). saying that Law Enforcement Forces should move forwards significantly especially in the year named after ‘boosting domestic production’. Major General Bagheri reiterated.


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