US Not Able to Zero Iran`s Oil Exports

A senior member of the Iranian parliament`s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission underlined the large number of customers for his country`s oil. downplaying the US threats to zero Tehran`s crude sales.

`The US president`s threat to decrease Iran`s oil sales is an illusion. Iran can easily sell oil and gas condensates in the global market and there will be no problem because many countries need Iran`s oil.` Seyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini told FNA on Monday.

He referred to Turkey and Russia`s protest at the US decision not to extend waivers on Iran`s oil exports. and said. `Therefore. the US threat can never be materialized and they will not be able to prevent Iran`s oil sales.`

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said on Friday that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) did not have the capacity to replace his country`s supply in the oil market. after the new round of US’ banned on Iran’s oil exports are implemented on May 1.

Zanganeh accused Saudi Arabia and the UAE of exaggerating their ability to replace the country`s oil in the wake of a renewed push by Washington to zero Tehran`s exports by implementing `brutal` economic sanctions.

“I believe they are overstating their oil capacities.“ Zanganeh said. after Saudi and Emirati officials pledged to make up for any potential oil supply shortages that may result in the absence of Iranian oil in the global market.

The ambitious pledges by Washington`s staunch Arab allies came shortly after the White House announced that it would no longer renew waivers that allowed Tehran’s eight largest customers purchase Iranian oil. The exemptions would expire on May 1.

The measure threatens buyers of Iranian oil with sanctions and other punishments if they fail to stop their purchases beyond May 1. The move quickly sent global crude prices to their highest levels since last November.

Zanganeh on Friday addressed concerns about the seriousness of United States President Donald Trump`s recent drive `to bring Iran`s oil exports to zero`. stressing that US sanctions-related measures were `no bluff`.  

`(These measures) are very brutal provocations against the Iranian nation.` he added.

US oil sanctions on Iran is not a political bluff. rather. it is extreme hostility waged by the United States against the noble nation of Islamic Iran. oil minister reiterated.




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