Iran`s Non-Oil Exports to Turkey Surpass $2.3 Billion

Iranian non-oil exports to Turkey surpassed $2.3 billion over the past Iranian year. ended on March 22. and that with taking into account the oil exports. the figure rose up considerably.

Turkey is among the countries that is major exporter of goods and household appliances to Iran and it imports non-oil goods and oil from Iran without observing the sanctions.

Turkey. the fourth export destination for Iran in ranking. was among the countries to oppose Washington`s sanctions on Tehran. Ankara. recently. condemned US` not renewing the waivers for Iranian oil purchasers and called the move childish.

Head of Iran-Turkey Joint Chamber of Commerce Reza Kaami told IRNA after the waivers were not renewed that Turkey had officially announced that Ankara would not accept Iran`s oil and natural gas being replaced by others`. so one can rely on the mutual trade.

Kaami said that Iran has a record level economic cooperation with Turkey. nearly 100 Turkish companies have made investment in Iranian private sector. mostly in the northwestern provinces. which are close to the Turkish border.

He added that most of the investment has been in industries and production.

Iranian and Turkish officials have already reached agreement to set up a joint bank. he said. adding that due to some tariff problems. the bank has not become operational yet.

During a visit to Iran of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. both sides stressed that the tariffs should be reviewed and finalized as soon as possible.

He said that experts have advised the Iranian and Turkish officials to adopt preferential tariffs to regulate trade ties and help boost economic cooperation.

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