Tehran Complains to ICAO about Plane Fuel Ban

Deputy Head of Iran Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) for international affairs Morteza Dehqan told the Islamic republic news agency on Sunday that the ICAO president has been informed about the issue.

Dehqan referred to some problems in the system for fueling Iranian planes. saying that unfortunately the US sanctions on Iran aviation system is against all international regulations and the US humanitarian slogans.

The sanctions target Iranian people who use air transportation. he said. adding that these measures are aimed at disconnecting Iranians from other countries.

In spite of holding consultations. unfortunately the fueling problem still exists. Dehqan said.

Passengers of Iran Air Flight No. 721 destined for Frankfurt in Germany went astray on May 25 at Imam Khomeini International Airport for about eight hours.

The passenger plane which was to leave Tehran for Frankfurt was scheduled to take off at 5:50 a.m Tehran local time. but after eight hours of delay. the passengers failed to board the plane.

One of the passengers made a telephone call. claiming that Tehran-Frankfurt Flight No. 721 still is on the runway and passengers are strayed from 3 a.m. at Imam Khomeini International Airport.

He explained that after the delay. passengers were told that they could go on board at 11 a.m. after about five hours of flight delay. but all passengers are still kept waiting at the airport till present time.

He complained about how the authorities brought various excuses for this hectic delay. adding. After eight hours of delay. some minutes ago they announced that the flight might leave Tehran for Frankfurt at 18 p.m.

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