Adobe Unveils New AI That Can Detect Manipulated Faces

Adobe researchers have developed an AI tool that could make spotting `deepfakes` a whole lot easier. 

The tool is able to detect edits to images. such as those that would potentially go unnoticed to the naked eye. especially in doctored deepfake videos. 

It comes as deepfake videos. which use deep learning to digitally splice fake audio onto the mouth of someone talking. continue to be on the rise. 

`While we are proud of the impact that Photoshop and Adobe`s other creative tools have made on the world. we also recognize the ethical implications of our technology.` Adobe wrote in a blog post. 

`Trust in what we see is increasingly important in a world where image editing has become ubiquitous – fake content is a serious and increasingly pressing issue. 

`…This new research is part of a broader effort across Adobe to better detect image. video. audio and document manipulations.` the firm added.  

Adobe worked with researchers from the University of California. Berkeley to develop the tool. which is described in a new Arxiv paper published this week. titled `Detecting Photoshopped Faces by Scripting Photoshop.` 

The AI was built to detect the use of a Photoshop tool called Face Aware Liquify. which warps elements of a person`s face.

According to Adobe. the Face Aware Liquify tool makes very subtle adjustments to a person`s face. making them hard to detect.

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