Igloo Energy Partners Up to Give Customers Free EV Charging

Igloo Energy has joined forces with ev.energy to give its customers free electric vehicle (EV) smart charging.

The challenger energy supplier is offering all new customers on its single tariff a total of 1.200 free miles worth of charging via its Smart EV app.

The app allows drivers to plug in their cars and set a deadline of when they need it charged by. for instance by the morning when they have to go to work.

The firm will then ensure the car is charged using the cleanest possible mix of energy available from the grid. potentially reducing carbon emissions from electricity generation by an additional fifth.

It notes most users don’t have the need to charge their vehicle instantly and generally have have lots of flexibility around when it needs to be ready to drive – this means a significant volume of charging can be acheived through sourcing power from cheaper and greener off-peak renewables.

Nick Woolley. CEO and Co-Founder of ev.energy. said: “For a typical user driving 8.000 miles a year. we can reduce the carbon emissions of charging their electric vehicle by 20%.

Over a year this equates to 150 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide or a flight from London to Berlin on a plane.

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