More Than Half of UK Public Don’t Trust Energy Suppliers

More than half of the UK public say they do not trust energy suppliers very much or at all.

That’s according to the latest BEIS Public Attitude Tracker. which is now on its 30th wave of finding out what the UK public think about a variety of energy issues.

The results of the survey show levels of trust were highest for Citizens Advice and Trading Standards. followed by consumer groups. while levels of trust were lowest for energy suppliers.

Only 41% of people said they trusted energy suppliers a lot or a fair amount. compared to the 52% that said they did not.

When compared to providers in other industries. the energy sector did not fare very well – it had the highest proportion. at 8%. of people who contact someone other than their provider when there is a problem.

The tracker also highlights that people were more likely to experience problems when switching energy provider (13%). broadband provider (12%) or switching contracts for a bundle combining two or more services (12%) than in any other sector.

However. customer engagement was shown to be relatively high. with June 2019’s results showing people were most likely to have switched their energy supply (16%) than other types of service providers.

Elsewhere in the tracker. support for renewable energy decreased from 84% in March 2019 to 82% in June 2019. while support for fracking increased from 12% in March 2019 to 15% in June 2019.

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