Biological Waste Management Could Halve Drilling Costs

According to NISOC. Ahmad Mohammadi on Monday said that seven drilling rigs belonging to the National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) had been equipped with Zero Discharge System for the past ten years for use in areas of particular environmental concerns.

He said the rigs had drilled over a 100 oil and gas wells without causing any environmental pollution.

Mohammadi noted a 50 percent reduction in drilling costs with biological waste management systems in drilling operations. and said that the plan. which was implemented in the country by local specialists for the first time. in addition to removing contaminated pollutants and accelerating the cleaning of contaminated soil. was cheaper compared with Zero Discharge waste management in drilling.

The NISOC CEO further said: `The features of this project are that it is a native technology and uses sugarcane bagasse. an indigenous industry in Khuzestan Province. for cleaning drilling waste.

He stated that this method was being carried out experimentally. but expressed hoped that in the near future it could be used in drilling operations in other environmentally sensitive areas.

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