Scottish Energy Minister Hails Important Step Forward in Wave Energy Sector

Mr Wheelhouse was speaking as Wave Energy Scotland (WES) announced that it is seeking concepts use with a variety of wave energy converters.

The wave energy organisation is looking for the next subcomponents Quick Connection Systems to be developed through a new multi-million pound wave energy technology programme.

To date. £38.6 million has been invested by WES on behalf of the Scottish Government in wave energy technology development.

WES said the new technology would function in large wave conditions. connect quickly to reduce maintenance costs and increase safety by operating remotely.

Mr Wheelhouse said: This is an important step forward for Scotland’s world leading wave energy sector.

I am excited by the opportunity this call presents for new sectors to collaborate in Wave Energy Scotland’s programme and accelerate the commercial readiness of wave energy.

Wave energy offers enormous economic potential for Scotland and as a technology which can help to tackle the global climate emergency.

I look forward to hearing of Wave Energy Scotland’s further progress over the coming months.

WES is offering up to £70.000 per project over a three-month duration.

It said successful applicants to the call will undertake a feasibility study on their proposed technical solution in Stage 1. followed by the design and analysis of this technical solution in Stage 2 and to build &amp. test in Stage 3.

Tim Hurst. managing director of WES added: In our fifth call. we are very keen to engage developers and manufacturers from out-with the sector.

WES needs to tap into that expertise and build working relationships with these companies. by bringing them into the programme to discover which designs are best suited to WEC construction and installation.

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